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Remote Tent Camps On Wilderness Rivers

From Bristol Bay to the Bering Sea, the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak. Only the Best!

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These remote tent camps are semi-permanently based, each on their respective rivers. You will fish this river exclusively during your stay. These camps are taken down and removed for the off-season and reestablished the following spring for the fly fishing season. Most are located in designated wilderness areas or national wildlife refuges by exclusive use permits.

Although these camps are called “tent” camps, they are actually quite a bit more than that! There is excellent food service at all of these camps with nice, comfortable beds in Weatherport tents. They have wooden floors, doors, screened windows, heat, and a camp shower-house with lots of hot and cold running water. When I was a kid, this was called “Cadillac Camping’ but now it’s called “glamping” in the remotest parts of Alaska.

These remote tent camps locations have been chosen for the outstanding nature of the fishery they are on. In most cases all five species of pacific salmon, exceptional rainbow trout, arctic char, dolly varden. Sometimes sheefish, pike, and whitefish inhabit these chosen locations as well and in incredible numbers.

The few remote tent camps that I have chosen to represent are on truly spectacular Alaskan rivers Consequently, the length, width, braided sections, and tributaries of the rivers offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities during the entire season. It could take you many years and many trips to the Alaskan bush to find, fish, and quantify these few gems of the fly fishing world. These places should be on every fly fisherman’s bucket list! Let’s do it right the first time!